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      Makeup Brushes

      Professional Makeup Brushes

      In the world of makeup brushes, there is not a one-size-fits-all brush. Each brush has a purpose. If you don't choose the correct brush, you'll have a harder time applying your makeup, and you won't end up with the flawless finish that you want. You'll find some of the best professional makeup brushes available on our website. The best makeup brush set has brushes for all of your needs, from liner brushes to blush brushes to contouring brushes.

      A paddle-shaped brush is perfect for applying foundation. The shape helps the foundation blend into your skin. This type of brush works with both liquid and powder foundations. A foundation brush allows even application of foundation.

      Choose a brush with a rounded top to apply blush to your checks. This type of brush gives you the precision needed to apply blush just where you want it.

      Apply bronzer, highlighter, and contour with a fan brush. The fan brush allows the product to sweep over the face, wherever you want to apply the product. Once your product is applied, it's time to switch brushes. Use a stippling brush to work contour into the face. Use a pouncing motion; never rub when blending your contour. 

      Setting powder is applied with a fluffy powder brush. This fluffy brush is perfect for applying light powder over your entire face. Setting powder helps give you a soft, non-shiny finish.

      To apply your eyeshadow perfectly, you'll need a small, flat shader brush. The shader brush gives you an even application of shadow and allows you to blend your shadows to create the different looks you want.

      To apply lip liner or eyeliner, use a small pointed brush. Get a brush with a long handle to give you the control you need for the precise application of liners.

      If you want your brushes to last and perform as they should, it's important to clean them. Get into the habit of cleaning your makeup brushes at least once per week. Use our brush cleaner sponges to keep your brushes in good condition.

      Our website offers all the makeup brushes you could need. Choose a set, such as Perle, so you have the right brush on hand for all of your cosmetic needs. Our quality brushes will help you get a flawless application that you'll love. We also offer brush storage solutions and cleaning products.